What is MBI?


Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI/BSGI) is a highly effective method for detecting breast cancer. MBI has been proven to identify disease in its earliest stages, often before it can be felt to the touch or seen with other imaging technologies such as Mammogram or Ultrasound. This specialized camera provides images that enable doctors to see the breast more clearly and can help verify if an area of concern should be biopsied or removed.

The high accuracy of MBI provides you with the “peace of mind” that you deserve.  A negative reading with MBI gives unprecedented high confidence to you and your doctor.  Its NPV (negative predictive value) is as high as 97% which is as accurate as a biopsy itself!

Doctor’s prospective on the MBI procedure. Also, how does MBI compare to MRI?


How Does MBI Work?

MBI uses a pharmaceutical tracer that is absorbed by the breast tissue. This tracer “lights up” areas of cancer inside the breast allowing the camera to identify tumors that may have been hard to spot on a mammogram. Compared to the compression of mammography, MBI only requires minimal pressure of the breast and you are seated comfortably throughout the process.

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