Economic Benefits


Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) procedure is a cost effective procedure that can provide an additional revenue opportunity for your practice. Here is why:

  • Expands the services you can offer your patients: an exam that according to clinical trials has similar sensitivity, but improved specificity when compared to breast MRI.
  • Additional space is not necessary, so it is easy to incorporate into a practice with minimal cost beyond the equipment.
  • Billing codes have been established for Molecular Breast Imaging.

Economic Benefits

The economic benefits of the Dilon Molecular Imaging System meet a variety of clinical and administrative requirements including:

  • Lower capital investment than other imaging equipment (about 1/3 the cost of an MRI)
  • Fast, simple equipment installation and no need for a dedicated room
  • Relatively low post-warranty service contract pricing
  • Portability of the system for ‘point-of-care’ clinical utilization
  • Approved for general purpose molecular imaging applications (e.g., thyroid, spot bone, etc.)
  • Ideal for patients who cannot comply with an MRI such as those who are claustrophobic, obese, or have compromised renal function
  • Insurance reimbursement is attained through standard nuclear medicine CPT codes
  • Enables facilities without breast MRI capabilities to maintain patient control with equal or better clinical information