MBI Guided Breast Biopsy


The GammaLôc® MBI Localization System, an accessory to the Dilon Molecular Imaging System, enables MBI-guided breast biopsy procedures of suspicious lesions. The MBI Localization System is compatible with all major Biopsy Systems: gammaloc

  • VACORA® from C.R. Bard, Inc. (VC10140MRS)
  • ENCOR® from C.R. Bard, Inc. (ECMRINTLOC)
  • ATEC® from Hologic, Inc. (ILS0914-20)
  • Mammotome® from Devicor Medical Products, Inc. (ADT08S)

The MBI Localization System

  • Allows physicians to calculate lesion location and depth
  • Guides the user through the procedure with detailed instructions
  • Provides 180 degree easy, open access for MBI-guided biopsies

The MBI Localization Procedure The MBI Localization System utilizes the CorreLocator™ paddle and the StereoView™ collimator system. The StereoView™ collimator is used to take 20 degree angle stereo views from both the right and left side, similar to the technique that is used in stereotactic X-ray localization (see illustration below). Location and depth of the lesion are clearly identified at the point where the angles intersect. The CorreLocator™ paddle provides optimal breast stabilization with consistent results.


Disposables for MBI Localization (Order Form)

Source Sleeve

The Source sleeve, a SINGLE-USE sterile disposable, is used in conjunction with the Source Holder to verify the location of the lesion prior to its excision. The Source Holder is a multi-use disposable included in the MBI Localization system. Order the correct Source Sleeve that is compatible with your breast biopsy device.

Equipment Drape

The Equipment Drape, a SINGLE-USE sterile disposable, is used to protect the patient and the equipment. The Drape is compatible will all Dilon Molecular Imaging Systems.

Localization Grid

To obtain the Invivo Immobilization Plate (part#8514132), go to Invivo Website

Information: Cerium 139 Isotope (Ce-139)

The Ce-139 is used to localize a biopsy needle in relation to areas of uptake of Tc-99m during the MBI guided biopsy procedure. Ce-139 is embedded in the Source Holder and Fiducial Marker that are included in the MBI localization system. For licensing and other important information, download Ce-139 document (PDF)