Operational Planning


When you purchase the Dilon Molecular Imaging System, your operational planning is very minimal and Dilon provides a complete suite of services to the new and existing customers.

Facility Planning:

The Dilon Molecular Imaging System is mobile and easy to move. This is important because:

  • No permanent installation is required. It is ready to use right off the delivery truck.
  • Floor plans, loading plans and new construction are unnecessary.
  • You don’t need a dedicated room.
  • It can be moved easily to multiple points of care, such as from the breast center to the nuclear medicine department.

In addition, the system is powered by standard hospital-grade uninterruptible power supply (UPS) using hospital-grade wall outlets.

Service Support:

Dilon provides full service support including:

  • Initial installation and quality control analysis
  • 24/7 coverage
  • Remote diagnostics
  • A variety of post-warranty service contracts

Clinical Support:

A new customer will receive a complete onsite Physician and Technologist Training Course by a clinical specialist.

  • The Technologist training includes didactic and hands-on sessions  for Molecular Breast Imaging
  • Technologist training for system operation in general molecular imaging is available, if requested.
  • Physician Training includes MBI image interpretation and analysis
  • Additional physician and technologist training is provided with the purchase of the GammaLôc® MBI localization system accessory for MBI guided breast biopsy.

Refresher trainings are available and include onsite or web-based training courses.

Marketing Support:

The customer will receive a comprehensive Educational and Marketing Tools Kit for assistance in educating the center’s referring physicians and patients; and to promote Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) and general molecular imaging studies with the Dilon Molecular Imaging System in the local communities.