Vijay Singh

Vice President of Operations and Service

Vijay Singh has more than 25 years of experience in the establishment of manufacturing facilities for medical equipment, sensors, industrial computers and communication devices. He has established several manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia.

Prior to Dilon, Singh was the director of manufacturing operations for Honeywell where he established Honeywell’s German, Chinese and Indian manufacturing operations. Singh also worked as director of international operations for British company Lucas Inc. to lead consolidation efforts of its 14 facilities worldwide. Lucas was later purchased by TRW, where Singh established manufacturing facilities for its MMI & Sensors divisions in China. He later became director of international sales for the sensors division of Measurement Specialties Inc.

Singh joined Dilon in 2002 and since has lead manufacturing operations.

Singh earned his bachelor’s of science in mechanical engineering from Bangalore University in India. He is a member of Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) and serves as a member of VA Governor’s VITAL (Virginia Trade Alliance), an advisory group for developing international business.