Benefits and Applications


The first intra-operative handheld 3D tumor imaging and navigation solution

Benefits of declipseSPECT

  • Accuracy – 3D image localization and depth information anytime during surgery to help guide proper and precise resection1.
  • Minimal invasive – Visualization and localization of sentinel lymph nodes in 3D supports image-guided decisions for incision and resection enabling faster and minimally invasive surgeries2.
  • Quality assurance – Examination of structures directly after resection provides visual documentation that all sentinel lymph nodes have been successfully removed1.

Ex vivo imaging of radioactive labeled tumor specimens can aid in determining margins.

surgeryApplications of declipseSPECT

  • SLNB Breast
  • SLNB Head and Neck
  • SLNB Melanoma
  • I-125 Seed Localization
  • Radioactive Specimen Imaging
  • Radioactive Parathyroid Visualization

Dilon Diagnostics is the exclusive distributor of SurgicEye products in the U.S.



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