Parathyroid Adenoma

In a parathyroid adenoma procedure, the patient is injected intravenously with Tc-99 sestamibi several hours prior to surgery. Once in the OR, a small incision is made and the thyroid gland is exposed. The probe is then placed on the thyroid gland in the center of the neck, the readings from this area constituting background counts. By moving the head of the probe slowly toward the target shown on the scan, one can isolate the adenoma. A count differential of 20% or more denotes target tissue. When the adenoma is removed, it is sent to pathology for confirmation that the tissue came from the parathyroid. A PTH (Parathyroid Hormonal) blood test may be done in concert to confirm calcium levels have decreased to normal levels.

11mm Head & Neck Probe11mmprobe (2)

Precise localization of parathyroid adenomas requires a probe designed with the unique requirements of the application in this specific anatomy. Dilon, in cooperation with leading surgeons in this specialty, delivers “best in class” procedure-driven technology. This 11 mm probe is ideal for smaller incision applications.


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